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Roll Up Printing

Roll up is a type of banner is used to advertising for a product,services and programs or other functions.

Banners are a display advertising method, mainly banners are x banners,L banners and roll up stand banners and pop up banners.

We are talking about roll up banners.

Roll up banner is a very simple display advertising method.

Roll banner containing the all details of any program details or any product or service details.

Roll up owners will make an attractive roll up banner for to get viewers or customers attention.



Advantages of Roll Up banners

Roll up banners have many advantages,that’s why all advertisers are using roll up banners for display advertising.

Roll up is weightless and easy to place any where.

Roll up stand can place outside, that will noticeable because of their height and design.

On a sunny day and windless day we can place roll up outside.

Roll up banners are mainly using on outdoor advertisement. it’s great to use for exhibitions,shopping malls,shops.

This types of roll up stands are easy to handle it can bring one place to other place very easily.

This is the main advantage of roll up banner from other banners.other banners are very hard to replace and handle.


Types of Roll Up banner printing in our press V2 Media & advertising (roll up printing dub

V2 Media & Advertising printing press is located in Dubai, we are designing and printing high quality roll up banners and other types of banners in our press.

Our wide range of roll up banner printing types are :

◉Economy Roll Up (Single Side)
◉Classic Roll Up Banner (Single & Double Side)
◉Classic Plus Roll Up Banner (Single Side)
◉Deluxe Roll Up Banner (Single & Double Side)
◉Premium Roll Up banner (Single & Double Side)
◉Flexi Based Roll Up Banner (Single & Double Side)
◉Outdoor Roll Up banner (Water Base)
◉Snap Lock Roll Up Banner (Single Side)
◉Cartridge Roll Up Banner (Single Side)
◉Banner Bug Roll Up Banner (Single & Double Side)

see our portfolio  roll up items >>>>

38-609x1030 579076_1420536684824608_200114040_n 1234969_1420536748157935_1366914630_n 1235168_1420536681491275_29166410_n

Special Offer For Roll Up Printing

We provide special offer for roll up printing

1 roll up banner only for 150 AED !

see our special offer page >>>

Contact Us !!

Contact us for to printing & designing roll up banners and other types of display banners


Building No. R 299-2, Warehouse No. 5
Opposite Al Shirawi Industries, Ras AL Khor Area No.2 . P.O. Box: 93078 Dubai – United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

Tel : + 971 4 320 5511

Mob : + 971 5 065 10355

Fax : + 971 4 321 3315

Email :

Website :

other printing products are :: letterhead printing          envelope printing            roll up printing                 flyer printing



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