Brochure Printing – Different types of brochure fold

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Stand apart with a professional brochure folding

  • The most common type of brochure fold is trifold.with each end of the panel slightly different is width, with the cover panel being the widest to accommodate the other two folds.and allows the other two folds to tuck up neatly ensuring a finished crisp brochure.
  • Z fold – The Z fold is a back and forth folds in to three panels.a Z fold is a great choice to display chronological step by step information
  • Accordion fold – This type of fold has two or more parallel folds that result in a shape opening like a fan.accordion fold is perfect when you need to display a large chunk of information because of the large number of panels it can hold.
  • Roll fold – Which is also known as four panel fold or double parallel fold.With this fold the second fold wraps around the first one to create the roll fold.

Custom Brochure design

Custom folds

  • Modified trifold brochure – where there is an additional reveal folder in the inside allowing important information to stand out when its opened.
  • For custom folds we use our own methods of mixing different types of folds and die cutting and several printing techniques are incorporated.

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